Monday, 2 May 2011

X-23 Fanfiction

This is an X-Men fanfic about X-23, AKA Laura Kinney. She is a clone of Wolverine, but only has four claws from the hands, and two from the feet.  Read about her for more info. For now, I hope you enjoy this. It’s a mix of past and present tense. It’s 1st person. Here goes…

Right now I’m in the house, hoping no one will find me here. I’m sitting under the dining room table, rocking backwards and forwards. My name is Laura Kinney. I suppose I should tell you how I got into this mess.

I was sitting in a classroom, finishing some work, when the teacher, Dr. Toll, went out to find out who was throwing stones outside his window. I was almost finished. Just one more question.
“So, you think you can just walk away from Matt like that?”
“You don’t know what you’re gettin’ into.”
I stopped working. I didn’t have to look up to know that 2 of the school bullies were standing behind me on either side. Their buddy, Matt, had asked me out at lunch, and I refused. So now he was trying to force me to get in with him. What a B@$+@&£. I wished that I was still being homeschooled. One of them pulled my black hair back. Then the other one tried for my hand. So I did the simple thing: I killed them.
I straightened my hands with my arms, and two razor-sharp claws sliced through my knuckles. They were 8 inches long, and coated with a metal that was indestructible. My hands began to bleed, but they stopped bleeding after about one second. I raised my arms and stabbed both of the boys behind me. I heard them gasp, and then choke on their own blood.
I held on to them with my hands, and flipped. I landed behind them, and retracted my claws. I was used to the pain of them coming through my skin. Then I ran. When I was in the grounds I was caught again by Matt.
“So… ya changed your mind then?”
“Get outta my face.”
“Ooh, ya gonna hurt me?”
Then I drew a claw across his throat. He stared sightlessly to the school. Then he fell down for the last time. I ran and kept running, knowing that the police cops would get here soon.  I ran and ran and ran.


The police didn’t catch me but there are pictures of a missing girl all over the news. I was almost where I needed to be when I saw a cop car by the house next to mine. There was no chance I could get past without being seen. Then I thought about ways to get past. I could clean up. I could kill them. Then I realised that they were facing the opposite way.
I ran to the house, and sniffed. I caught mixed scents, but the thing that really got me was the smell of pepper spray. There was a cop in the house. I went through the door, and followed the scent to the kitchen. I saw the cop looking at the phone book. When my claws came out the first thing I did was shred the man’s belt. It fell to the floor before he could react. Then he spoke into his radio; “This if Officer Bren, requesting assistance in – Ungh!” then he gurgled blood.
I destroyed the radio, and thought about what to do. I thought about the cops outside. I knew they would be coming very soon. I ran upstairs, and saw them come in. I vaulted the railing, and drew my claws from my feet and landed on the shoulders of a cop. Needless to say his face made a mess of the hall.
Then I spun around and slashed at the other cop. I made out one word before his radio was destroyed: “Mutant”. They were coming with S.H.I.E.L.D. I broke his neck before he could do anything else. I then leaped up to the railing, sticking to it with my claws, and then flipping over it. A second after that I was shot I the chest. I stumbled slightly, and then dived away from the bullet hailstorm. I waited for the person shooting to reload the gun. Then I leaped to him and cut the gun in two. I broke his nose, and stabbed him through the jugular.
I then ran and his under the table, sheathing my claws.