Friday, 7 January 2011

Er... Hi?

Hi. My name (for now) is "Sarthacus Bolt", AKA "Longshanks". This is my first post on this blog, and just so you know, there could be a new book coming out... yes, I am writing a book. It is called: The... Sorry, it does have more, but I can't help you in case someone else writes a book and steals my idea. No saying. My mouth is sealed.
I would advise any other authors to come on this blog (but you don't have to, it's OK.)
When --- ---- -- --- ---- is released, I will reveal my name and I will reveal the book name. OK maybe you'll work out the book name when people start squealing on the blog.



  1. Very wise to keep you book plans a secret Sarthacus!
    But as you write it I hope you take time and do a little fanfic here and there to share with us, your fans. We love your writing and miss it! Thanks for putting up another blog! :)

  2. Thor has a Sherlock Holmess fanfic out right now. I think you will like his writing. It's really amazing!
    Here is the link.

    He would like our comments but ask that we do not give reference to Derek Landy, his blog, or anything SP related.

  3. But... why are the fics gone?