Monday, 25 June 2012

Another Bout of Artwork...


 Inspired by Tim Burton's Dark Shadows.

Sorry for the differentiation on size... an iPod contains a terrible camera.

If you really like this stuff, could you give me suggestions? Thanks,

- Sarthacus.


  1. Well done Sarth! I LOVE IT! You have a lot of talent there. Have you thought of taking axtra art classes? I bet youcould get great tips from other artists! :D
    It's great to see somethign from you again! YAY!

    1. Thanks, Kallista. I do enjoy the odd bit of art, but the teachers at my school claim that we are all blind and they are teaching us how to see... I don't fall for that crap. In other words, I prefer to teach myself my own style of art... I don't know why... But thanks Anyway!