Friday, 11 January 2013

Recent Events.

Hey there, fellow bloggies.

Or those of you who still read my words and try to imagine my voice along with them.

I've been gone for what has felt like years but in reality has only been months. While I was away, terrible things happened.

I shall only mention the slightly less serious event, as I do not feel I have the right to share news of more serious cases.

Our blogland has split apart. The blogland I remember was filled with people cracking jokes, sharing news about life and having fun. I was a part of that blogland. I made great friends there. First, I only made small talk. I would start a small conversation and then leave. Soon, I got into the big stuff. You see, there are 2 main characters in the real story I'm about to tell: Dragona Pine and Kallista Pendragon. People who were once friends. Good people. Honest people.
We all began sharing ideas, and eventually writing our own amateur stories. Fanfictions, if you like.

We collaborated, made our own characters and wrote our literature, slowly becoming more professional.
Then school and a teenager's life took over and I drifted apart. Well, when I say apart I don't mean we fell out, I just mean I began to appear less and less. Modest as I try to be, whenever I come on I am greeted with a series of virtual hugs from almost everyone there.
When I next went on to the chat room that Dragona and Kallista spent most of their time on, I was greeted only by Dragona, Aquila and some others. When I asked where all the others were (This chat room was normally very full, you see), I was told that they would not come back to it.

When I asked why, I was told that there had been an argument. That somehow, Kallista and her friends had started a fight and done some terrible things and that they had (Forgive me if my memory is incorrect) issued threats out to the bloggies, to people that I'd known for years, literally.

Upset and confused, I went to Kallista, who offered a very different explanation as to the separation between the two "Teams" if you like. She said that Dragona and his friends had been trying to control the bloggers in a way. Simple things, like changing their user name or their profile picture. Simple things that annoyed others. They didn't want to be told what to do, so they revolted in a way. Then more arguments flared up and as far as I know, Dragona and Kallista haven't spoken to each other since.

I don't know which story is most accurate, or why any of it broke out, but I'm here to tell you ALL these words.

Forgive and forget.

Newcomers to blogs and chat rooms have been confused because of the arguments that have been flying around. Look back on old blog posts and the comments on those posts. We were all friends once. I want us to be again.

I don't know what really happened, but I think we should forget the past (except the good parts). I'd like very much for both DRAGONA PINE and KALLISTA PENDRAGON to comment on this blog post and apologize to each other for whatever misunderstandings you've had over the times.

Yes, I was told not to go anywhere near Kallista and her friends by Aquila and Dragona. Yes, I was told not to try and convince Dragona and Aquila to be friends again. I've been in contact with all of you.

I'm forgetting that advice, and I'm rather annoyed at you all.

I remember a good place where I could come and forget my worries and chat with friends.
Let us open that place again.


  1. Sarthacus.

    Do you have an email?

    Because I want to speak to you but I'm not doing it here.

    If you don't want to put your email out in the open, you can contact me directly through my email on my blog.

  2. Sarthacus, you have no idea what it was like, and still IS, like.

    Forgive me, but you HAVE been away, for a very long time. Don't come in presuming to know better.

    Yes, those words, "forgive and forget," I know they're wise and what people should do. Personally, I believe Kallista HAS forgiven Dragona and Aquila for innumerable things that they had no right saying or doing. Forgetting is harder, and we all try to do it, but you can hardly force your mind to forget horrible things. The best you can do is escape. Go away, and have fun with people who care and who are most always kind, understanding, and generous. In those moments with your friends, life is good, and you can forget.

    In this way, you protect yourself. You protect your mind, your heart, and the your mouth from saying harsh words that you don't want to say.

    Kallista has apologized innumerable times, often for things that weren't even caused by her. She has no need whatsoever to apologize again. No need at ALL, actually.

    When it comes to Dragona and Aquila, personally, I don't care what they do, because they've hardly crossed my mind for the last few months, and to be honest, those have been good times.

    Let me put it to you this way, if you know someone, who every time you seem him or her, he in some way insults you, downgrades you, exhorts power over you, or makes you do things you don't want to do, would you hang around him?

    Personally, I'd stay away from him. It's the smart and logicial thing to do. It's easier for me, and, actually, it's easier for him, because now he doesn't have to put up a CHARADE of being innocent- he actually is- because I didn't give him an oppotunity to be cruel to me.

    If you want to hang out with the old gang, email us, and maybe we can meet up on the blog sometime. If you want to hang out with Draquila, you know where to find them.

    I like you, Sarth, you're my friend. You're amongst my memories of Blogland, memories which I cherish. Don't think I came here trying to be mean, because I didn't, and I don't think I was. I'm explaining that this is the way things are, the way they should be, and they way they. will. stay.

    1. Wise words. You might be absolutely right, but I still think that with cooperation we can help each other. Sounds like a film script, I know, but it might be true. I'm trying to stay in touch with everyone.

      Forgive me if I do something I have no right to do.

    2. I'm sorry, you still don't understand.

      I'm not angry at you, I'm just... what's the word... disappointed?
      But I'm disappointed with a lot of people so don't feel like you're the only one.

      Nothing good will come to Me hanging around Draquila, and I have no intention, whatsoever, of doing so. They're mean to me, don't like me -whatever they may tell you- they probably hate me. I don't especially like them either, but the fact of the matter is, I don't think about them anymore, so I have no ill will for them, unless they hurt my friends, which they have done often in the past, until we finally got away from them and didn't have to deal with them anymore.

      Listen, if you want to hang out with them, be my guest, but so long as they don't insult my friends [whom, if they were Your friends too, you'd want to protect from bad company], I haven't- and really wouldn't- consider being any where near them.

      Again, I'm not angry, but some things just need to be said.

      I sincerely request that you do Not try to cajole Kallista into having anything to do with Draquila. Every time she's reached out to them, she's been snapped at, mostly for things she never did, or silly things that needn't be pointed out and judged. Draquila nick-pick everything she says, even she's making a joke. If you care for Kallista at all, as a friend- even as a person- you'll just drop this, and trust that we, who were here, know what we're talking about.

    3. Skyril, I must agree that your words make sense.

      As someone who's been gone too long, it's difficult to understand what everyone else is going through.

      And so I'll decide to take your advice. AFTER I have one last conversation with Draquila.

      Rest assured, unless apologies are made, it WILL be the last.

    4. Thanks, Sarthacus, I appreciate it.

      It's been hard, and just... so few people seem to be able to understand.

  3. I have said sorry. And I am sorry. Eve though I had a right to be angry I had no right to burst out as I did. I have said sorry to Aquila and Dragona not gettign any in return but not expectign it either. It is not for me to tell them what to do.
    But to be fair to them and me and to others, there were many people who started and fueled diffenrt arguments. Even if they had the right, the way things people did things did not help the situation. I have many more thoughts onthis.
    But what needs to happen now is toput the past behind us. If those who have been hurtful finally feel regretful and sorry it will be a welcomed thing then if they are finally sorry, showing that they really did care about the friendship and being fair and honest. But that is up to them.
    Until then for me, I have coem to visit. Aquila and Dragona are writers, artists, and fellow bloggers. I respect them for that.
    Many others have left though and not due to the fightign that happend. Many people have had HUGE school loads to deal with in addition to after school activities liek band or chior, dance and the like. I suggest then for those who still want to vist but may not be able to be on the chat teh same time as another blogmember, to leave messages on a specif blog where others can coem as they do and read and contribute to teh comment or add one of their own. I think I will use HEllboys. :D

  4. Hey Sarth.

    I'm glad to see you around again. I'm not really sure what to say. The whole situation has become really complex and there are multiple reasons why things have changed. I probably don't know half of them. Lots of people (myself included) have drifted away from blogland because we have just had so much going on in our lives. I do know that there is a new younger generation on Derek's blog. They are lovely :)

    People have branched out onto many different sites. There is facebook and chatzy and skype and blogger and xat. I flit in and out various communities.

    I want to come back I do. I will try my best.

  5. I am commenting, as you asked sarthacus. I agree with everything you are trying to do. I think you're trying to do this for the right reasons. However, I am not supporting something to get us guys together again. And before you (I am addressing no one but the author of this blog only) think that I am being like nasty -- I'm not. It wouldn't work, what you're trying, because it seems some people haven't accepted that they have done wrong. It's easy to blame someone else but harder to admit that you were wrong too. I admit that some of what I did was out of order but towards the end, I was not the one causing the fights. When we all were together there were so much lying and deception. I'm glad that it is over and people have left. However, it is the part after these people had left which I am not happy about. The decision made by some to come on to xat and try to troll us. If these people had really wanted peace they'd have left us alone. As long as these two "tea ms" are together peace cannot be achieved. It is better that we are seperate, especially since someone from xat who also comes on chatzy was the victim of hate which seems to be still floating around. I wouldn't accept an offer to join again, but I'm accepting an offer to get rid of the hate and the lies. People seem to be still using me as a
    scapegoat. Luckily I'm nice enough not to mention the terrible things the other "team" has done to us. I doubt people would try to get us together again. So, to sum up: willing to forgive, but not forget. Not a chance.

  6. Wow, that sounds worse than what I meant it to. If anyone does read it then you'll know if I'm talking about you, if you're in doubt or sure you're not then just don't take offense as none was intended. My point is that if we are going to actually be nice to each other for once, people will have to aplogise and admit they were wrong. There are people who did disgraceful things, myself sometimes among them. But those people who did those things... Their actions were never acknowledged. Like it was one rule for one person and when I did something not half as bad, I was the one who got all of the hate -- and the blame. There are people, even those who have commented on this blog, who were either a major part or the reason for all of the lying and deception. And I can promise you, it didn't come from me. It is safer if we have nothing to do with one
    another, including for apologies. Kal, this is not about you when I say this: I'm not
    apologising to anyone who has caused so much grief -- even on a grander
    scale than me. And again, there are a number of people. It was, in the case of some people, that anyone who
    supported myself and aquila -- people please stop calling
    us draquila as it suggests we are one person with the same feelings -- we aren't. Aquila only wanted to protect me -- in a less violent way than some of you do with kal-- and she got loads of hate. Even some for something as ridiculous as just talking to
    someone and they misunderstood her intentions because the person was
    feeling bad. She didn't deserve that. There have been people receiving hate wrongly, aquila isn't the only one but it was just an example.
    anyway, it seemed for a number of people who supported the other side that if someone supported us, they automatically commited some unspoken act and recieved hate. Some people who received this hate weren't even supporting me, perhaps they thought our team -- wow I hate that definition too-- were the ones wanting peace more? Dunno, but they didn't deserve hate. Anyway, I'm tired because it's nearly midnight. Dragona Pine signing out.

  7. Sorry if I said anything bad up there, it was unintended and I was on my phone so it could have been a cross between a typo and the fact I was tired. Any offense was unintended to anyone, really. I was just trying to express my opinion about why both "teams" shouldn't be joined once again. There were people hurt last time - LOTS of people hurt. On our side, their side, everyone. It's not worth the trouble to join back together - I'd rather people be happy like they are now. There are like no problems anymore on xat, and I want to keep it that way. It's really not worth hurting people for people who don't like one another to join together again.

    Btw, Sarthacus, you said you wanted to talk. I'm on every day from like 4:10 to 9:00 on a weekday and 5 to about 9-9:30 on a weekend.

    And it seems I have been accused of several things on here, some of which are true. A minority are not, but most it seems have completely forgotten their part on why I behaved that way. EVERYONE who was involved had a part to play in the fighting. EVERYONE caused something, whether it was the reaction the people up there have described, or a fight.
    It was never my intention to hurt anyone - at all. To some people it seemed like I was doing it on purpose - I most definitely wasn't, unlike a number of other people. I did tell people to do things they didn't want to and I do apologise for that. I just wished that you'd have been more understanding and stopped.
    I once said this before, but if you don't believe what I say, then I see no reason that I should suffer for that when it isn't my fault. There were a number of people who seemed that it was my fault they didn't believe me.
    I'm not saying that "oh our side is better than yours" because tbh, I believe we can be more mature than that. EVERYONE who took part has some responsibility for what happened - and we need to accept that before we can even hope to be nice to one another. That is what I'm trying to say.

  8. I now realize how seriously pathetic my blog post might sound...

    1. Nope, Sarthacus. Your blog post really doesn't sound pathetic. I understand why you're trying to do it and I agree with the reasons why. You haven't done anything pathetic or wrong, and you can't say that you didn't have a right to do it because you did. You had good intentions. It's the thought that counts.

  9. No You don't sound pathetic at all Sarth. You had noble ideaas and good ones but soemthigns prevent that from happening. *hugs* I am sorry. I am sorry to for dumping on you.