Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Games, Sweet Books, and problems with commenting. Hmm.

Hey there, guys and girls of the blogging world.
I thought I would just tell you that I had a great time in the holidays (I went to France), and am still having a good time.

Thought I should mention that some of us are having a problem with posting comments (AS far as I can see, only Dragona and I), but I can keep you informed on this.

I'm verylate on reading Bloggie's fanfictions, so I have to do that.

Thre was recently a new book that came out called "I Am Number Four". It. Is. The. Greatest. Book. Ever. Matching the SP series.
"The Power of Six" comes out soon, and you ALL have to read it. 'Tis sweet. The author is a man called James Frey (His pen name is Pittacus Lore).

Gaming. Right, well, there are 2 games coming out that I would like to have my massive hands on. "Batman: Arkham City", and "Spider-Man: The Edge of Time". EOT is a lot like SM:SD, but only with Amazing and 2099. Thor will probably know tonnes, so ask him. Arkham city as Arkham Asylum's sequel, so you know how awesome that is.

A message for Nicolette Croga: You HAVE to get Crackdown. It's like GTA with superpowers. It's brilliant. No Joke.

I'm gonna try to keep up to date with you all, but I have ot go for now.

Bye, all.


  1. Right, Sarthacus. My problem has gone. You need to unclick sign in automatically.

    This is what I did to be able to get on in a few easy steps.

    1. Go on your dashboard.
    2. Look on the blue blogger toolbar at the top of the page.
    3. Click "Sign out".
    4. Sign in again but unclick the "Sign in Automatically" box.

    Hope this helps, it worked for me!

    Btw, I think you would like some new games that I have. I have Homefront which is alright, just like Black Ops (if you've ever played it) but with tanks and jeeps and stuff.
    Then I have Transformers Dark of the Moon. The online gameplay is EPIC. Now, I have to wait for Battlefield Bad Company 2 to download. 625 mins. Grr...

  2. It's so awesome to hear from you again Sarthacus!
    Thanks for telling me about those books. Will be sure to check them out. :D


    We come to this chat quite a bit. SOme come on and visit when you can!

  4. I quite like Dark of the Moon, but I'm not really for CoD and HF.

    X-Men Destiny is another game that you should get, It looks awesome.

    Thanks for the commnents, guys.

  5. It's awesome. I'm a level 20 warrior and a level 20 scout. Then you don't need to know what I am on hunter and Commander *coughs* 6 and 2 *coughs*
    Hey, but I kick ass. Ugly robot ass...

    Homefront is good, it's slower gameplay than Black Ops so even terrible people can play it. It has HUGE maps.

    Btw, did the instructions work to let you comment?

  6. Hey Sarthacus!

    Glad you can comment again.

    Twas I who told Dragona how to fix his blogger problem.

    Mary Hiashi also had the same problem. I had the problem too. That's why I worked out how to fix it. :P


    SKyril wrote a birthday fanfic for thoughs who had birthdays this month. You are part of it Sarth. I hope you read this 1st!

  8. Heya, Sarthacus! Good to see you! :D
    Wow! France! I didn't know you were going there! That's pretty awesome! :D The next time you're on you'll most definitely have to tell us about it!
    I'm way behind in fics as well, and I'm home, so don't feel bad xD
    I did see that movie, actually, and it looked interesting!
    By the way, as Kallista said, I wrote a short story fan-fic for the birthday boys and girls of July! :D
    [I hope I portrayed your OC well..., by the way, next time we're on I left a comment on you OC :P]
    I hope you get a chance to read it, and I hope you enjoy it! :D
    Happy [belated] Birthday!!

    P.S. if it's alright with you and the rest of July birthdays, I'd like to post a very short part [Part 5/8ths :P] before I post the rest. That way you can see a bit more about a character with green hair in my fan-fic!
    So what do you think?