Sunday, 7 August 2011

What if...?: Lightsabers were Real?

!! This is a random bit of fanfic set on a young guy called Sarthacus Bolt (As per usual), who saves up his money and buys a real lightsaber. He's an athletic guy, just so you know. Here we go. Oh, he also has some friends (a load of bloggers that I know of) who will take a big part in this. These are what the hilts look like:





My name is Sarthacus Bolt. I went to the stores yesterday and bought a "Real" lightsaber. It's probably just one of those ones with a spring out blade. I got it for around £20, a good deal for something so detailed. The whole thing is metal. The hilt is quite slim. The part at the bottom of it twists, I have no idea why.
I’m in my room just now, looking at it. It’s silver with some black on it. It’s not so heavy.
I point it away from me and turn it on. Out of it comes a glowing green blade. No, not the flimsy plastic type – I mean a real lightsaber blade. A white laser with green surrounding it. It hums patiently, as though waiting for me to move it. I wiggle it about slightly and the humming pitch increases then decreases. I twist the metal piece at the bottom of it and the colour changes to red, orange, yellow, purple, and then blue. I keep it at blue, that being my favourite colour.
I notice that the only thing with any weight is the handle. I try to spin it, but it’s like holding a pen and trying the same thing. There’ll be no flourishing and showing off with this. I hold up a piece of paper and move the blade onto it. There is a sound of burning and the paper falls in 2 pieces.
I switch it off, and the humming stops. I grab my phone and call Dragona.
“Hello?” He says from the other end.
“Dragona, We need to meet up at the park today. Like, now! This is really important!”
“Woah, slow down Sarth. I’ll be there. Goodbye.” He hangs up.

We meet up at the park, and I take Dragona to the bushes.
“What’s up,” he says.
I hold up the hilt.
“You got a toy lightsaber? That’s why you brought me here? Oh my god.”
“No, look here,” I say.
I turn it on and Dragona gapes.
“Man, that’s cool!” Dragona says.
“Not just that,” I say, “Look at this.” I cut a large hole in the fence.
“First things first, where did you get it?”
“In the shops,” I tell him which one, “They only cost £20!”
“Right, I’m going there right now,” he says, pulling out his wallet and taking a £20 note out of it.
 10 minutes later Dragona comes back with a black hilt and a red button on it. He has changed the colour to green. We switch them both on and clash them. They make sounds just like from the movies.

School, the next day.

We have our weapons with us and we show them to Kallista, Nicolette, and Darkane at break.
“This has answers to all of our problems!” I say, grinning madly.
“If you mean killing, hell no. If someone uses deadly force on me, I use… a lightsaber on them, that’s their own fault, but just for fun? No.” Says Kallista

Weekend, the friends all have lightsabers now.

“They sell real blaster thingy’s now,” says Nicolette.
“Yeah, just before us came some angry looking men with a load of the guns. Didn’t look good. Speaking of which there they are now.” says Darkane.
We turn around and see them coming to us.
“Oh, damn.” I say.
“I don’t like lightsabers,” the man says with his gang randomly. “They’re ugly. Go to hell with them!” the gang takes out blasters and start shooting them at us.
We all ignite our blades, mine blue, Dragona’s green, Nicolette’s the same, Kallista’s orange and Darkane’s purple.
“This should be like baseball,” Kallista says.
Somehow we all manage to deflect the daggers of red shooting towards us. We eventually spread out and run for it.
I sprint for the woods and hide for a few minutes behind a huge tree.
I press a button on the lightsaber, not knowing what it will do, and a duplicate springs out from the end of the hilt. 2 sabers? Wow. I switch it on and an orange blade comes out. It retracts and I hold it in my left hand.  I hear 2 of the gang members coming.
“He went that way,”
“No, I heard the sound from the tree next to the big one.”
“Go on, go check then.”
“I’m not bloody going anywhere with a guy with a blade like that! Did you see what they did earlier?”
“You’re scared of a kid? My God. Go, now before I shoot you myself.”
I hear muttering and then I see the man going to the tree next to mine. I peek out and when the other is looking away, run to the first man.  I use my blue blade to cut his gun, and then hesitate. I’m not a killer, but this man would’ve killed me just because he didn’t like lightsabers. I decide on it, and cut his fingers off.
I open my orange blade and run out to the other one, who literally shits himself and tries to get away. I cut his head off by accident instead of burning his back.
I look at the lightsabers in my hands.
I could really get used to these…

To be Continued…


    But...*in a small voice* can I have the purple one? PWEESE? *smiles at him hopefully* It has very special meaning for me.
    *smiles secretivly*
    Nice to be able to read anothe trpost by you Sarth!
    *high fives him*

  2. Epic work, Sarth :D

    Come to my blog! The last two fanfic parts have had you in them. They're awesome, I swear :)

    Check them out please xD Work your way from the top downwards.


    Aquila's chat, Sarth. Hope to see you there. :D

  4. Awesome Sarthacus! I like this story, and I played Star Wars The Force Unleashed yesterday.