Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sneak Peaks!


Dakota ran. The zombies were behind her and they were catching up. Stirling was overrun with the things, the Thistle Centre being a popular place to meet up and… throw up. Dakota had tried to get into the ‘Base’ of the zombies.
There had been many more there, but nothing out of the disgusting. The zombies were huge, they could run like an Olympic sprinter, and they spat lots of blood. Their skin was a grainy colour of grey, and pure yellow eyes shone dimly in the dark.
Dakota Lake was a spawn of Nature, her acquired power being able to teleport. Apparently she might gain telekinesis, but that was a completely different matter. Right now there was a gang of zombies sprinting after her.
She needed to teleport, but there was nowhere to go just yet. She couldn’t picture a place in her head, and there were no roofs high enough to let her escape. Soon though. There were houses ahead of her, and the Saint Columbus Church was a good option. Dakota looked up, and teleported to the roof of the church. There was a blast of desert heat, followed immediately by a soothing coolness as orange shadows swirled around her.
She felt like she was falling for a second while time froze, and when she reached her destination, the smoke billowed away and time resumed its countdown to the next sequence of events.
Dakota allowed herself to pause for a moment to regain some needed energy. The zombies were shrieking, spitting lots of blood, while looking around. One of them howled and spat in her direction, then the rest of them started running to the church. Dakota still had time, and she cleared her mind. Beak Street Hospital, she thought. She imagined the room she had first woken up in while in that world.
She teleported, and appeared right behind Karmaloss. He looked as if he was chewing something. Dakota tapped his shoulder. He jumped up, looked around and said; “Please don’t do that. I could’ve choked on my food.”
“Never mind, there was no lead zombie. There were just more of them.”
“And I see you’re covered in blood. Again.”
“I’d like to see you do better.”

Number 2 Below

An hour later Dakota was dressed in a skin-tight suit with a symbol on it that resembled a vine. A woman stood a few metres away from her, and told Dakota what to do.
“OK, I want you to try and make a vine shoot towards you from that tree. Like so,” and a thick green vine shot from the tree. “Just focus on the tree as a whole, then focus inwards on what the tree is made of. Imagine all of the leaves coming together and stretching into a vine. Then try and pull it towards you.”
“Go on, just try. It’s a lot easier after you’ve done it once.”
Dakota exhaled and looked at the tree. She focused on the tree, then thought of the leaves pulling together and shooting out towards her hand.
Amazingly, it happened.