Monday, 8 August 2011

What If...? Lightsabers Were Real? Part II

20 years later

2031, all of the lightsabers have been deployed to the police and the military. What did I do? I went to the military. Gadaffi’s forces have been trying to take control of the UK, Ireland and the USA. Naturally General G decided that lightsabers weren’t good enough for his people, so he has all the blasters on the go just now.
We’re in Scotland, defending the Stirling Castle. Few of my friends have joined the army. Dragona, Nicolette and Kallista have come with me to the castle, Darkane and some others are either hoping we win or are in the police force.
Right now I can see a lot of people with blasters coming up the hill. I’m on the roof and I am ready to press the button which will deploy a wing suit and allow me to glide to the ground and come behind them. Dragona is with me, as is Kallista as well as some others who chose to fight with lightsabers. All blades had to be blue, green or purple so we can identify ourselves. Mine is green, Dragona’s blue, Kallista’s purple.
There is a fierce battle cry and General G’s men attack.
We run to the edge of the roof and jump. We all punch our chests and a wing suit comes out and onto us. We glide to the last line, and let them go.
I motion to the others. 3… 2… 1… Now.
The last men in the last line see their last moments as green and blue lightsaber blades come out of their chests for the first and last time. We all start slashing and thrusting the blades into the bodies of heavily armed men. Something we soon realise is that some of the men have lightsabers. The drop the guns and fumble with the hilts to ignite a red blade. Before one can get the blade, I roundhouse kick him in the chest and catch his hilt, big and clumsy in my hand, switch it on and throw it horizontally into G’s men. I should tell you, the hilts that the military use are Luke Skywalker style, only there isn’t an annoying box in the middle of it. There is a button instead, and believe me, having a green blade on them feels very classic.
I stop, and I hear a high pitched whine in my ears. I look down and see that someone has kept bullets rather than lasers. One is in my stomach.
The battle rages on around me, and my confident grin fades. I feel blood flowing from my mouth, and look around. I fall to my knees and look up at the sky. I hear footsteps close to my ear, and I hear Nicolette say, “Oh, shit! Someone get a medic. Quick! Sarthacus has been hit by a bullet!”
That’s the last thing I hear before colours surround me and what’s left in my sight is my lightsaber.
I flop my hand to my hilt and switch it on for the last time. I haul it as far as I can, hoping it will do its work as it usually does.
Then I die.


  1. WHAT!?!?!?
    NOOOooooOOOooo SARTHACUS!!! DON'T DIE!!!!!!

    FANTASTIC writing Sarth!
    I love it!
    It's great to be able to read something by you again !

  2. You die? Hey, you got killed by a bullet in a world full of lightsabers and lasers. EPIC FAIL, LOL.
    Awesome story again Sarthacus! I think you'd like Darkness, a story series which is on my blog somewhere. Check it out if you get chance.